Legend of the Veil

In those days it was the custom of high-born persons to have a chapel of their own and to have a family burial place.

About a year after Leopold and Agnes were married they stood on the balcony of their castle on Leopoldsberg and began to discuss a building site for a monastery which would be their family burial place.

As they debated the question, a sudden gust of wind tore off her cherished bridal veil and carried it into the valley below. Agnes was so grieved at the loss that the Margrave promised a reward for its return and vowed that wherever the veil had fallen, on that spot their monastery would be built. Many people searched for the lost veil, but it was not found.

Seven years later, while out hunting in the forest near his castle, Margrave Leopold heard his dogs barking loudly. He thought they must be barking at a deer and followed them, but to his surprise he found his wife`s lost veil hanging from a branch of an elderberry tree and –  as if by a miracle –  the veil had been perfectly preserved. Leopold kept his vow and built a monastery on the spot where he had found the veil, giving it the name „Klosterneuburg“, since it was near his new castle „Neue Burg“.

A piece of the veil has been preserved and may be seen in the treasury of the monastery.

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