Legend of „Dear Augustin“

Augustin was a popular ballad singer in Vienna and whenever he sang and played his bagpipe, people would gather to listen.

In 1679, when the plague fell upon Vienna, fewer people came to hear Augustin and he became melancholic and began to drink heavily.

One day, when he was drinking again, Augustin fell asleep outside a tavern. As he lay there the grave diggers came, picked Augustin up and dumped him into a pit.

Morning came and Augustin awoke, still not quite sober. He thought that the others in the pit were sleeping off their drinking too and tried to climb out of the grave. When he realized that he could not do it without help he began to sing and play on his bagpipe to attract people. It was not long before people nearby came to find the source of the music. They were startled to discover their favorite ballad singer Augustin in the pit and quickly pulled him out.

This event impressed everyone who heard about it, so Augustin wrote a song about his adventure and named it „Dear Augustin“. The song made him famous and is still sung in Austria today.

To remind us of Augustin and the plague, a well was built in the Neustiftgasse and named after him and a statue of a bagpipe player was put up in his favorite tavern in the Griechengasse.

Augustin lived to  a ripe old age dying in 1705. No doubt his humor contributed to his long life.

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